Where to find your Twitter Universal Website Tag or Twitter Pixel

Your Twitter universal website tag or retargeting pixel is an extremely important part of your toolbox when getting serious about your twitter marketing campaigns. It’s a small but very powerful piece of JavaScript code that if used correctly will ensure that you are serving relevant ads to twitter users!

To find your Twitter universal website tag the first thing you need to do is to log into Twitter.com.

From your home screen click on the profile and settings menu just beside the “compose new tweet” button, you need to Select “twitter ads

You now should see four links on the upper left-hand side of your page, if not it means that you do not have a valid payment method in place with Twitter, simply click on your username and enter one within the payment methods tab.

If you do have a valid payment method in place you should see a “tools” option and when selected you will see the option “ conversion tracking” If you have already set up your pixel simply click on the “View code and installation instructions” link and then just copy your pixel code to your clipboard.

If not, just hit the “set up my pixel” link and then copy the pixel code once you have set this up.

Head back over to your purpli dashboard and from the “settings” option hit “tracking code” simply paste your twitter universal website tag into the box provided and, that’s it.

Your twitter universal website tag or "retargeting Pixel" will now be included in all links you create using the purpli machine.

This means even if a someone clicks on one of your links on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Pinterest or via SMS and in a newsletter etc. You can then send relevant ads to them the next time they open the twitter app or visit twitter on their desktop device.

So know you know how to find and implement your twitter universal website tag, all that’s left for you to do is to start creating and sharing purpli links all over the web!