Where to find your Snap Pixel

Currently (November 2018) The Snap Chat Pixel is still in its infancy, this somewhat limits you in terms of creating audiences that really drill down on the tags you have created. However you can still add your snapchat pixel to links created with purpli. You should just be mindful that all users that click on any of your links regardless of the tag will be added into your snap chat pixel audience for the time being.

Locating your snap chat pixel or your snap pixel as they refer to it is a very straight forward process.

You first need a Snap Chat business account and an ad account.

Once these are set up visit your snapchat for business page.

From the drop down menu located in the top left corner of this page you need to hit “snap pixel” under the “manage” section.

You now need to click on the “set up pixel” button over on the right-hand side of your page.

This will pull up a new window with your pixel code, simply click the large box that contains your code, and this will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

You can now head over to the “tracking code” section of the settings tab on the purpli dashboard.

Simply paste the snap pixel code into the box provided and we will now place your snap chat pixel onto all links that you create using the purpli machine.

A quick note to remember with your snap chat pixel, currently (November 2018) you can only re-target ALL snap users that have clicked a link you have created.

This means you should only add your snap pixel to links that have similar tags (you can toggle your snap pixel on and off for individual links within the “edit links” section of your dashboard.