Where to find your Facebook Pixel ID

A Facebook Pixel is a small snippet of code that Facebook uses to track its users when they visit your site or a link you share through purpli. Its a really powerful piece of JavaScript code that every Facebook advertiser should be using to get the most from their online ads. Don't worry though, we don't need you to go sifting though loads of code to find what's needed to supercharge your online ads, simply follow this guide and we will help you find your Facebook pixel ID which is all you need to enter to start creating retargeting groups from your purpli links.

Finding your Facebook pixel ID shouldn’t take longer than a moment or two and once entered you should never have to worry about it again. (your pixel ID will remain the same and never change)

 The first thing you need to do to locate your Facebook pixel ID is to log into your Facebook account then in the top right-hand corner select “manage ads” from the drop down menu.

Facebook should then direct you to your Ads manager page where a list of your ad accounts will be displayed.

At the top left-hand side of this page (right next to the Facebook Icon) you will see a menu Icon (or a burger icon, the three lines you’ll know when you see it), hit that and an extended menu will appear.

Under the “measure and report” list you should see an option named “pixels” Click this and you will be redirected to the Facebook Pixel statistics page.

If you have already set up your Facebook Pixel this page will be full of insightful data and will give you a rundown of your Facebook Pixel activity over the last 30 days or so, (if you haven't set up your Facebook Pixel yet then simply click here to see our guide on how to do that too.) Once set up your “PIXEL ID”  should be displayed right underneath your ad account name and should be a string of 15 or 16 digits.

This Facebook Pixel ID (a 15 or 16 digit number) is all you need to copy into the purpli tracking code box to start gathering the data you need to create supercharged retargeting groups. Great news! This Pixel ID will also allow you to target Instagram users through your Facebook ads manager so don't worry about searching for an Instagram Pixel ID too.

When you’re ready click here or visit “How to set up a custom audience on Facebook” for a guide on setting up your first custom audience so its ready to populate using your purpli account.