How to locate your Google Ads retargeting code or your global site tag

Google is still the most powerful advertising tool available online so using their retargeting options with purpli is a no brainer. I get it, we have all the social media sites like twitter, Facebook, snapchat and linkedIN etc, however google is vital to any digital marketing strategy.

Google makes it quite easy to find your google ads retargeting code or pixel and this guide will walk you through both finding the code you need and implementing in across all links you create using purpli. Once the code has been implemented you should head on over to our create a custom audience within google ads to set up your audiences there too.

From the google ads main dashboard you will need to click the spanner icon or the “tools” icon from the top right-hand side of your page, under the shared library section you want to go ahead and select “audience manager” this should bring up a list of all of your custom audiences.

On the left hand side, you want to select “audience sources” and the first box you see, should be your "google ads tag" and you will also see a button titled “set up tag” hit that and then wait for the next page to load.

You now need to select the “collect standard data available from this audience” option within the “remarketing” window.

In the general parameters window, you want to go ahead and select the “user_id” option and then click “save and continue”

You will now see several different tags that can all be used for different things, however to use your google ads tag with purpli you’ll need to copy the “global site tag” to your clipboard.

After copying the tag hit the continue button at the bottom of your page.

You will then be prompted to send this code over to your developer, however as you already have it copied to the clipboard simply head back over to your purpli dashboard where you should find a box waiting for the tag under your “settings” > “tracking code” tab.

Simply paste the whole tracking code into the box and the purpli machine will get the bit we need to send the people that click your links over to google for them to add to the relevant re-marketing group.

That’s it, your google re-marketing tag is now safely stored within your Purpli Dashboardand all links you create (or have created in the past) will include this re-marketing tag too.