How to create retargeting links using purpli

Creating a steady stream of good quality content that your potential customer base will engage with is somewhat of a fine art, not to mention time consuming. Purpli allows you to use content created by others whilst still getting the benefits of re-targeting.

In order to re-target people using content you find online, you first need to put the URLs you find through the purpli machine, this adds all the re-targeting goodies you need to supercharge your ad campaigns.


The first thing to do is to log into your purpli account,

Once on the dashboard, click on the “links” tab from the left-hand side menu, you then need to click “create new link”, Simply paste the URL you have found online into the empty box and hit “get content”.

Purpli spiders will run off and grab the content for you including the title, description and an image if ones available, all of these are editable so feel free to adjust as you see fit.

One of the most important steps to take when creating a link is to enter your tags, these will identify this link with your re-targeting group, so try to use the same tags when creating links to similar content.

Now go ahead and hit “save link”, you will get a success message at the top of the page and your new jam-packed retargeting URLs will be available for you to copy.

The only thing left to do is to start sharing this link online.

You can do this anywhere on the web, via SMS, via email on a blog post etc. But for this quide we’ll use Facebook.

Head over to and log in.

In the “compose post” window simply right click and copy your new purpli URL directly into the box, We will pass Facebook the title and description you have entered and when you hit share, we’ll supply them with the image too.

Now when anyone clicks on the image or the link URL they will be sent directly to the cool content you found online, but before that we will quickly show them your logo to help increase brand awareness ? You can also edit your strap line and your background colours too.

Just visit the "customise" section within your purpli dashboard.

The people that click your new link can watch the cool video or read the cool content you’ve just shared, and you’ll increase your social capital for sharing such a cool post, but also, you have just added that person into your re-targeting list which means you can show them a relevant ad later on.

If you havent yet set up your re-targeting groups, use this guide to help you set up your first custom audience on Facebook.

 We really hope this helps you on your journey to supercharge your online ads!