How to Create A Retargeting Audience On Twitter

Twitters ad platform not only allows you to target twitter users by who they follow or by what their interests may be but also Twitter allows you the opportunity to create re-marketing groups. This guide walks you though the process and will help you to set up your first re-targeting audience using the Twitter ad's platform.

To set up your first re-targeting audience using Twitter, the first thing you need to do is to log into

From your home screen click on the “profile and settings” menu and then Select “twitter ads”.

You should now see four links on the upper left-hand side of your page, if not it means that you don’t have a valid payment method in place, So simply click on your username and enter one within the “payment methods” tab.

If you do have a valid payment method in place you should see a “tools” tab, and when selected you will see the option “Audience Manager”.

On the right-hand side click on the “create new audience” button (its HUGE and bright blue!) then select the “make a tag to collect website visitors” option.

On the audience creation page,

You first need to name your new audience, we suggest using something like “people that are interested in” and then, YOURTAG, this could be Rhinos, Lions or Parakeets, whatever, just as long as you can identify this list easily from the name you have given.

(you’ll thank yourself later)

The option to use your universal website tag should be automatically selected so this can be left as it is.

Under the “Include traffic that meets any of the following conditions” section you need to now change the “All website visits” option to “URL contains”, in the box here you need to enter PURP.LI which will link this audience to any purpli links you create.

After hitting enter, select the “add another condition” option and also change this to “URL Contains”

Now in this box you need to enter your unique identifier or YOURTAG, again this could be anything and will allow you to place all of the people that click any of the purpli links you create using this tag into this audience.

 After agreeing to Twitters terms and conditions simply hit, “saved tailored audience” and viola,

your new audience is ready to populate.

Your audience status will state that the audience is too small, so there’s only one thing for it, get over to your purpli dashboard and start creating and sharing links with your new tag right away!

The more clicks you get the larger this audience will become!

I really hope this helps you to get started with Twitter ads,