Our Top Tips for Sharing Content on Pinterest

Pinterest’s 200 million active users visit the platform for inspiration, including ideas for new products. More than two thirds say they have discovered a new brand on Pinterest, and 93 per cent say they use it to decide what they are going to spend their money on. All of this makes it a great place to raise your brand’s profile and attract new customers. Here are our top tips for marketing your business by sharing content on Pinterest.

Start Pinning

The best way to gain a following on Pinterest is to start pinning. By installing the Pinterest browser button on your computer, you will be able to pin any image you come across with just a couple of clicks.

Pin Regularly

According to Pinterest, you should pin at least once a day – preferably during the peak times of evenings and weekends. And, if you have 20 images you want to add to one of your boards, don’t pin them all at once. Space them out over a week for the best results.

Use Striking Images

Pinterest is a visual platform, so it’s worth taking the time to find or create high-quality images if you want to stand out from your competitors. Creating your own clear, striking images could be well worth the effort. But if you don’t have the resources to do so, the internet is full of cheap and free stock images.

A study of 50,000 promoted pins found that lifestyle images performed considerably better than product images. So, a photo of someone hiking up a mountain wearing a waterproof jacket is likely to get better results than a close-up of the jacket.

Create Compelling Boards

On Pinterest, a board is simply where you display your images. To give other users a good reason to follow you, create boards with clear, compelling descriptions of what you will be displaying there. (Remember to make sure the title doesn’t exceed 20 characters.) If you want to start adding images to your board before it is visible to other users, you can make it secret until it’s ready to go public.

Add the ‘Pin It’ Button to Your Images

Adding the Pin It button to images on your blog posts and other content makes it easy for anyone to add them to their Pinterest page. The more people Pin your images, the more referral traffic you are likely to get from Pinterest to your own website. The Pin It button doesn’t work on touchscreens, so it probably won’t be useful if you are targeting mobile users.

Convert to a Business Page

If you were on Pinterest before business accounts were introduced, convert your personal page to a business page. Business pages looks pretty much the same, and are just as easy to use, but they have a few additions which are handy if you want to market a business, including constantly updated stats on unique users and repins. All you will have to do is accept the terms for business users and add a few details before your account is converted.

Use Keywords

Although Pinterest is a highly visual platform, the words you choose are also important. As well as writing attention-grabbing descriptions, use keywords sparingly to ensure you appear in the searches of users who are well-matched to you brand.

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