9 Tips on How to Share Content on Facebook

With more than a billion users, Facebook is a great place for businesses to attract new customers. One of the best ways to achieve this is by sharing high-quality content which is relevant to your business and target audience. Whether it’s a funny video or an informative article, regularly posting content on your Facebook page can help you to boost your profile and drive traffic to your site. Here are a few tips on how to get the best results from sharing content on Facebook.


engage, people having a conversation

The engagement people show when they comment on content you share on Facebook can quickly subside if youignore them. Keep an eye on your posts and respond to everything – even if it’s just to thank someone for commenting.

Post About What’s Trending

Whats trending online

Facebook’s algorithm rewards posts about topics that are already trending on the site. Find out what your followers and potential customers are talking about and share content related to those topics.

Use Hashtags – But Not Too Many

Using hashtags – the # symbol followed by the name of a topic – can help you to get your posts seen by as many people as possible. But using endless hashtags that no one follows is pointless. Use them sparingly, and in a way that is likely to create and sustain conversations around topics that are relevant to your business and followers’ interests.

Post Regularly

Sharing content just a few times a week won’t help you to establish relevance with Facebook’s algorithm. On the other hand, posting 20 times within a couple of hours probably isn’t a good idea, as most of what you publish won’t be seen. Try sharing content a few times a day, and keep fine-tuning how often you post, based on the reaction you get.

Use Striking Images

Accompanying your posts with attention-grabbing pictures will help to maximise views. Perhaps the content you’re sharing already has a great image. If not, find a free one online, use your own photography or pay for one if your budget allows it.

Encourage Debate

Putting your own angle on an existing piece of content is an excellent way to engage with your target audience. Asking a question – especially an emotive or controversial one – can encourage debate and increase click-throughs.

Boost Your Post

If you have shared a piece of content on Facebook and it’s getting a great reaction, it might be worth boosting the post. Even a modestly priced boost could help you to be seen more by your target audience, which could ultimately result in more sales.

Find the Optimum Time to Share

There are loads of studies on when you should share content on Facebook, many of which suggest posting at peak hours. But so many businesses are competing at these times that it can be difficult to break onto people’s newsfeeds, which is why posting at quieter times is often a smart move. We recommend experimenting with when you share content to find out when you get the best results.

Use Shared Content to Improve Your Ad Targeting

Thanks to tools such as Purpli, sharing content on Facebook can help you to target your ads more accurately. All you have to do is use Purpli to shorten the URL of a piece of content you want to share. When you post the link on Facebook, anyone who clicks on it will be added to a remarketing list you have created. You can then use that list to targeted them with ads for your business. And since they have already shown an interest by clicking on the content you shared, they are much more likely to become customers.

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