6 Tips on How to Share Content on LinkedIn

With more than 500 million users, LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network, and has become essential for businesses that want to grow. It’s an excellent place to make connections and develop a reputation as a leader in your industry – and to do that, you will need to regularly post compelling content on your page. Here are a few tips on how to get the best results from sharing content on LinkedIn.

Break Industry News

LinkedIn is a business-to-business platform, where everyone wants to know the latest news in their industry. Help to fulfil this need and become known as an authority in your field by sharing news stories, research and any other high-quality work which will interest your target audience.

Post Regularly

According to LinkedIn’s own statistics, businesses that post at least once a month gain followers six times as fast as those that don’t. And accounts with 150 followers or more get five times as many Company Page views. Posting often is vital if you want to get ahead on LinkedIn, and the best way to make sure your page is updated regularly with fresh content is to create a schedule – and stick to it.

Share Your Blog Posts on LinkedIn

Engage with your audience by sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn. Writing an introduction which is tailored to your LinkedIn audience and accompanying it with an attention-grabbing image will give your post the best chance of being seen by as many people as possible.

Don’t Bother With…

Videos or articles with a title that asks a question. Although this may seem to be at odds with what is widely considered to engage online audiences, recent studies have shown that these categories don’t do well on this business-orientated platform. So, while your funny video could be perfect for Facebook, it might be best to forget about posting it on your LinkedIn page.

Keep an Eye on LinkedIn Groups

The view of LinkedIn Groups as great places to make connections and keep on top of industry news was tarnished when many of them were taken over by spammers and marketers. But LinkedIn has recently attempted to revive Groups, with new features, including more relevant notification streams. It remains unclear whether LinkedIn Groups will take off, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on the ones that are relevant to your industry, as they could become an excellent source of connections once again.

Use Your LinkedIn Page to Improve Your Ad Targeting

You can use your LinkedIn page to improve the targeting of your ads. Tools such as Purpli can be used to shorten the URL of a piece of content you want to share. When you post it on your LinkedIn page, anyone who clicks on it will be added to your remarketing list. You can then use that list to target them with ads. What’s more, they have already shown that they’re interested, so they’re far more likely to become customers.

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